i found this and it’s ridiculous i’m laughing I hope people still look at this :)))



Hey guys, I haven’t really posted in a while, but now I’m going to. This band has hit a dead end, but I think I found a rare costume. It kinda looks like the pop star costume, but it’s whiteIs it real?


I don’t remember the account, but I just found it.

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Art :)

Konichiwa! Im putting together the magazine…so, Id REALLY appreciate it if u guys could send in some art/comics/coolstuff to for the user generated part. Also, Ill be having a sort of collagey page about Steamworks Island so could you just comment with your views on it???
Thanx in advance, u awesome pple
Tania (the one and only)

PS: PLEEEEEEEEASE ???? *sad eyes*

PPS: Also, Id also appreciate if u commented with other things u wanted form the magazine so u’ll like it more


Christmas Musical Classics…DA REMIX!!!

YO! Today I’m going to continue celebrating christmas by using valuable hours of my life to redo the songs that u’ve heard waaaaaaaaaaay to many times!

I like cheese (Jingle Bells)

I like cheese                                                                                                                                    


Everyone say cheese

I’m taking a photo right now

to capture memories IES!

Violins (Silent Night)


Annoy me,


Sounds a mess,

Wish you acually knew how to play,

Without giving me a headache

Think you just murdered me-EE!

With your screechy violinn!

Hope I don’t fail (Joy to the world)

Hope I dont fail,

My history test,

Cuz I,

Did not,


I spent the night onli i i ine

Wishing I had a li-i-i-ife

Now the internet doesnt work oh no

Sew I will try to sew

A coolio outfit

A coolio oufit

Hope I dont fail

My history test.

Caroling with a differance.


Hey guys, we’re going through the winter upgrade process. So stay tuned. When we’re done it’s gonna be epic, but on Dec. 5 the blog is gonna be password protected so no one can get to it. The upgrades should be done in Dec. or Jan. Peace out!

Never underestimate very bored people with time…

I guess school is an inspiring place then…

                                The Acid Song (to the tune of Dynamite)                                 

We came to learn, learn, learn, learn

But now the acids gonna burn, burn, burn, burn

Cos it’s so fun, so fun, so fun

When the fire alarm goes off


I put my hand up in the air sometimes

saying Miss can we

blow something up

I wanna celebrate and live my life

saying miss can we

blow something up

Coz we gon’ go all lesson

We gon’ blow things up

We gon’ light it up

Like it’s a-acid